Linking chairs: how it should be done

The official way is linking according the CEN-EN14703 standard.
That way you couple in the safest way.
In case of emergency this is optimally safe for your guests.
For you as a hall manager it prevents from the risk of liability and claims.

How and why in brief:
On how to link chairs safely there is much uncertainty.

  • There is a European standard CEN-EN 14703 where the safe connection of chairs is unequivocally defined and regulated.
  • This standard applies to public space in which 100 seats or more are linked in rows .
  • If chairs are linked according to this standard, then your setting  cannot be disapproved.
  • EN 14703 coupling eliminates the risk of liability and claims after a calamity.
  • 95% of the current links does not meet this standard.
  • Terms like “fire service coupling” or “fire department approved” are misleading.

Why link according to this EN 14703 standard:
If in case of panic situations the chairs must remain linked to prevent piling up and blocking exits. In that case chairs are dangerous obstacles and people can be injured or become trapped.

What does an EN 14703 link do:
This puts the seats so tightly together that they cannot become loose in panic situations. The rows of linked seats can be knocked over,  but will remain together. No piling up or blocking exits.

Enforcement on the EN 14703 standard:
We are now in a transition phase from the old to the new, certified chair links. It is still not being enforced everywhere yet, although some events  have been cancelled because of wrongly linked chairs.

But what if at some point an emergency occurs, and you need to you meet the new requirement?
Are you then forced to buy new chairs? 

Prevention is better than cure:
Why stay on the old links and take risks in the future?
Plenty of choice, with Chairing hundreds of models can be connected according to the EN 14703 standard.

It also convenient in use  and the link will not stretch your budget.

On top of that Chairing meets the expectations on the next  important criteria concerning linking chairs:

  • The connection can be made in 4-5 seconds
  • Saves fingers, hands and backs
  • Securing can be done manually or mechanical
  • It cannot be destroyed or removed by guests
  • There is also a version for formation in semi circular rows
  • It is also possible to place arm rests or other accessories on top of the link

Please take a look at the demonstration.